Poetry in the Times of Covid-19

Stumbled upon some poems that I wrote at the beginning of quarantine. More to come –

Poem 1

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Go away Coronavirus
I hate you

Poem 2

What day is it now
I don’t even know

The time seems off
Like it’s moving too slow

I dig deeper into this
And come to find

I never change my clocks
From Daylight saving time

Poem 3

The streets are quiet as people hide away
They sit at home, longing for the day
When life can return to normal at last
And they can tell me to stop being so dramatic
only two days have passed

Poem 4

We are all alone like never before
To be near others, we must go to the store
If you are distancing socially and looking for friends
You should be mine, before the world ends

Poem 5

Some people think of the places they’ll go
The people they’ll meet, the lovers they’ll know
While others are dreaming of what they might be
I’m stuck here thinking about stupid tp

Poem 6

It’s just another day
Where all I can say
It’s lonely with everyone
6 feet away

Poem 7

I went to the store and what I bought
I’m realizing now is a hell of a lot
At least I have food for the rest of this haze
And maybe enough for the next million days

Poem 8

I look around, the house is a mess
There’s more shit in here than I even possess

How is it possible? I think in my head
As I lazily sit there and eat in my bed

I look to my sides for someone to blame
But I am the culprit, one and the same

Poem 9

It is clear to me now that I’m not getting younger
My days are consumed by this inner hunger
To grow and to learn and be all I can be
Because this world can be better
And it starts with me

Poem 10

And speaking of hunger my mind turns to food
From my spot on the couch the fridge can always be viewed
I look at it longingly for the 12th time this hour
I’m slowly losing my battle with willpower
If it could talk, I’d imagine it’d say
Please stop looking at me in that way

Poem 11

What a world we live in, it’s upside down
What yesterday was a smile, today is a frown
I hope life will return to normal real soon
Supposedly it’s coming, sometime in June?

Poem 12

Today is Monday
It’s not typically a fun day
And it’s still not one

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